Cultivating Coexistence – “Chaos” Substrate

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Re: Cultivating Coexistence – “Chaos” Substrate

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CannedGoods wrote:So... I took this challenge, and I made it into an interactive thing with props and an LED projector that the average person can walk up to an interact with, with a little coaching.

I'm doing this for FREE (actually, at my own expense) just to share this fun thing I like to do with Cell Lab with the public.

Pictures and video of the set-up coming soon.
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Re: Cultivating Coexistence – “Chaos” Substrate

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I just wanted to FINALLY follow-through on sharing that I made (in 2017) a prototype interactive game inspired by the Cultivating Coexistence Challenge and inspired by a fund-raiser event, called "The Cardboard Ball," for a non-profit called FIGMENT. I wanted to make playing Cell Lab more accessible in this way and also make playing this challenge easier for me AND I wanted to participate in the Cardboard Ball. To me, the most annoying part about playing the Cultivating Coexistance Challenge is paging back and forth between the SUBSTRATE tab to adjust Radiation levels and Contaminate.

I first installed Nox, an Android emulator, so I could install Cell Lab on my desktop PC. I then installed another application called Auto Hotkey which is a powerful applicaiton that lets you write scripts that input and output keystrokes and mouse clicks/movements. I wrote custom Auto Hotkey scripts linked to different keyboard buttons (W,A,S,D,etc.) Then, I took my girfriend's Makey Makey which is a device that detects voltage changes as common video game keystrokes (W,A,S,D,arrow keys, etc.), and connected it to my PC, and linked the appropriate pin inputs to keys that correlated with my Auto Hotkey scripts. Then, to make the Makey Makey work, you basically just touch the GROUND lead to whatever conductive thing you connected each input to and you will complete the circuit, causing a change in voltage which is detected as a button push.

Above image is prototype revision 1. The Swiss-army knife is connected to the GROUND lead (alligator clip) and about to touch the "Sterilize" input lead (an alligator clip with a piece of aluminum foil) which activates an Auto Hotkey script that will click all the appropriate places on the screen in the appropriate sequence to sterilize the substrate. Pressing the "TEMP" button cycles the temperature between the three options each time it is pressed. "RADIATION" has two buttons, a "+" to increase radiation, and a "-" to decrease. Pushing one or the other moves the radiation level a small indexed amount up or down, limited by the range of the displayed slider. Finally the "SEED" button is will click over to the SUBSTRATE tab, click ON the Contaminate checkbox, then click it OFF and then click back to the MICROSCOPE tab in quick succession.

Above is revision 2 that I actually brought to share at the public fund raiser event for FIGMENT. At the," Cardboard Ball," all the participants were invited to make costumes and other artistic creations to share. You can see that one of the participants wearing a cardboard outfit and interacting with the MakeyMakey-Auto Hotkey-Cell Lab-Cultivating Coexistence Challenge-Thiny I shared. In revision 2 I scaled everything up. The display is a projector on a screen. Instead of my Swiss-army knife, I made a giant cardboard syringe with aluminum foil on the tip wired to GROUND, as the thing you need to complete the circuit. I mounted the RADIATION + or - controls on that thing to the left that is glowing green. I used some glow-in-the-dark fabric with a blacklight light-bulb behind it, and cardboard radioactive symbol. "Sterilize" is an orange sized red-ball with aluminum on it. "SEED" is the cardboard ring covered in aluminum foil on top. "TEMPERATURE" is a large cardboard thermometer with aluminum foil over the bottom-half, like mercury in a thermometer.

I totally did not take credit for Cell Lab itself. I had a sign posted and shared with everyone that it was a free game you could get for yourself from the Play Store. Although, honestly, there was probably less than 10 people in attendance. ANYWAY, it was fun to share. I doubt I got anyone exited enough to download Cell Lab, but maybe! I have been considering making a sleeker stand-alone version using Raspberry Pi instead of my PC and a MakeyMakey.... we'll see.
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Re: Cultivating Coexistence – “Chaos” Substrate

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This is the biggest surprise that I have seen in here.
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