Posting Guidelines and Tricks

Post your creations here. It can be either a cool genome or an interesting ecosystem. Indicate if you designed it yourself or if it was created through evolution, or both :). File, picture, or video is required.
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Posting Guidelines and Tricks

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  • Hello Researchers!
Seeing how most new users end up asking pretty much the same questions and have the same issues when they start, I put together a series of items to use in this particular corner of the Forum. These aren't rules to be followed, but rather advice to make posts easier to write and read.

Sharing Substrates and Genomes:

- Generally we use Dropbox for substrate and genome hosting, but Google Drive can be used if absolutely necessary; this is because Dropbox it doesn't delete the ".substrate" at the end of the file when uploaded.
  • * Dropbox has a paid as well as a free account system, but since the substrate files are really light a free account is more than enough space to save tons of substrates and genomes.

    To use Dropbox you'll need to create an account if you don't already have one and upload the files in your dropbox space (depending if you're using the Desktop version or mobile this might be slightly different but the essentials are the same).

    Then to share the subtrate you need to find the file uploaded to Dropbox (the file has to have the extention .substrate or .genome to be open by the CL app.) and press Share.


    This will open a window to detail the way to share the file. You need to press Create Link.

    Then Copy Link.

    Now the link is on the clipboard ready to be pasted in your posts :)

    * Google Drive works with a Google Account and its very much the same system (selecting the file in the drive you press the option to create a sharing link), but with the issue that Google doesn't support .substrate and .genome files; so there's a couple extra steps and frankly is quite annoying.
- Try to avoid posting .genome files. Go for .substrate files.
  • More often than not, organisms only behave the way you want in certain substrates, or only one, and not others. Uploading a .genome file forces the user that wants to look at it to guess and open a random substrate and make all sorts of tests to your organism to finally find the substrate you wanted it to live in, and then observing your showcase. This is a cumbersome task that will make users evaluate if your organism is worth it. To make it faster for the user that wants to check out your creation, share the substrate that you're using with the genome in it. It works the same way (while also making sure they are watching the same behavior as you) but avoiding the guessing of the substrate part.
- If your organism has a really slow growth on the substrate, it might be a good idea to share the substrate when it's on its early life and also one in its late development. For example "New Organism 30h.substrate" and also "New Organism 2000h.substrate".

Image Hosting and Sharing

- Sadly, neither Dropbox nor Google Drive works as an image host, so uploading images there and sharing links won't work the same way as posting an image directly. The Image Hosting site most used around here is Imgur; although if that one doesn't work for you I recommend Postimage.
  • The formating to upload images in the forum is pretty straightforward. You need to get a direct link to the image (usually a long link that ends up with a .jpg or .png) and selecting that link and pressing the "Img" button. It should look like this: [img ]imagelonglink.jpg[/ img] without that last spaces between the [img with ] and the [/ with img]
General Suggested Showcase Structure

- To pique the interest of the reader, start with a short sentence that explains the very general concept or central feature of you're about to show, then below you can add a longer explanation which states what let you to the organisms, how it works in more detail, etc.

- Go crazy with how you present ideas and creations, but avoid writing in colors such as White, Light Yellow, Cyan or Light Orange since they are difficult to read.

- If you want to refer to a Youtube video, the normal url doesn't work with the "[youtube][youtube]" format, but instead you need to use the "Share" link which looks like, like this for example

  • Notice that if I use the direct url it doesn't work:

    To get that usable link, you need to press Share on the video and copy that link.

    Have in mind that Mods aren't very fond of Spam or going very off topic so use those video links related to your topic
- Do not write IN ALL CAPS. If you want to emphasize something, use bold, italics, or underline.

I hope this helps. :)